• Las Cruces — The Crosses

    The name Las Cruces is thought to have been   given to the area by the friars when they found two unmarked graves and put crosses on them.  It is also possible that the “crosses” refer to several places where smaller streams join the Gaviota Creek on its way to the ocean.  In any case, the […]

  • Jedlicka’s of Santa Barbara

    On December 24th, 1932 George J. “GJ” Jedlicka opened G.J. JEDLICKA SADDLERY, INC. at what was then 2605 Hollister Avenue/ U.S. Highway 101.  The store began as a shoe repair shop as GJ was the son of a harness maker and cobbler so shoe repair was a natural fit. GJ originally moved to Long Beach, […]

  • Nicholas S. Firfires 1917-1990

    Nicholas S. Firfires was born on the Waunakee Ranch near Santa Barbara, California November 10th,  1917.  Firfires was a descendant of the      Californios and vaqueros learned all the skills of working cowboys  by living on the big ranches north of Santa Barbara, in San Luis Obispo County.  Skills such as, breaking horses, herding cattle, and […]

  • Frederick Remington (1861-1909)

    Over the last few years we at the Carriage and Western Art Museum have been able to acquire many welcome additions to our collection.  In this newsletter I want to highlight several of these new historical items.  From artwork to saddles, carriages to spurs the museum has many interesting and locally relevant treasures we would […]

  • John Edward Borein (1872-1945)

    John Edward “Ed” Borein was one of  several early Western artists who was actually born in the West.  As a young man he roamed the western states and much of Mexico,  working as a cowboy and using his artistic  talent to record his  experiences.  Borein, along with Charles Russell, is regarded as one of the […]