• Foley & Burk Combined Shows

    Many of us remember visiting the circus as children, admiring the spectacles, the clowns, the animals, the smell of popcorn and cotton candy and of course the big top tents. Historically travelling zoological exhibitions were known as menageries, with acrobats and trick animal acts being the features of entertainment. In the eighteenth century it was […]

  • Alexander Harmer – Artist of the Apaches

    Alexander Harmer was born in New-ark, New Jersey, on August 21st, 1856 and is considered to be Southern California’s first great painter in the modern era. Harmer was a pioneer in the fantastical portrayal of the romantic West and the now popular celebration of the California vaqueros. He began painting as a child and at […]

  • Elmer Awl and Los Rancheros Visitadores

    Elmer Maclay Awl was born in Pittsburg, Pennsyl-vania in 1889. His father was John Mattern Awl, his mother was Elizabeth House, she and John were married June 23, 1887 and gave birth to Elmer on December 11th. Elizabeth passed away due to complications from childbirth on December 22, 1889. John Awl never married again but […]

  • Selin Carrillo—Stagecoach Driver of the West

    Selin Carrillo was born to José Antonio Carrillo, and Maria Felicita Gertrudes Catarina Gutierrez on September 15th, 1864 but it was his grandparents that were very important people to the history of Santa Barbara. Both were from old Spanish families with rich history, his grandfather, Domingo Antonio Ignacio Carrillo, built the Covarrubias Adobe at 715 […]

  • History of Nudie Cohn and his Nudie Suits

    Nuta Kotlyarenko was born in Kiev, Russia in 1902, his father was a bootmaker and his mother raised geese and ran a theater concession stand.  Nuta enjoyed working as a tailor’s apprentice as a young boy, he loved the feel of the fabric and was fascinated by the shapes and colors he could create.  At […]

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