New Acquisition – Chas Mead

Chas Mead


This is a very early and rare saddle made in the 1850s by Chas H. Mead out of San Francisco.  Chas was born in New York City in 1814 and moved to California in the 1850s.  He set up his saddle shop on the corner of Front and Jackson St. in San Francisco and remained there until his passing on Feb 27th, 1904.

Chas Mead was know for making saddles that were used during the America Civil War.  This saddle is very simply made with a expertly made wooden tree covered in rawhide and draped with a mochila.  A mochila is a removable lightweight leather covering placed over the saddle and made famous by the pony express.  The   saddle is on display at the museum and is on loan from Alan and Nadine Levin.