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The Senate Saloon

 The saloon was renamed the "Senate Saloon" after the first bar established in Santa Barbara. The Saloon was located on the 500 block of State Street before the turn of the century.  The newly constructed saloon at the museum includes western saloon doors from an historic saloon in Montana donated by John Mullins, a mirror behind the bar naming the saloon, a one hundred year old sink used for ice, aged whiskey bottles from the 1930's prohibition period, bottle holders and storage cabinets.

Steve and Susan Engles contributed the funds necessary to make the improvements.


First the Museum decorated a corner of the barn area to look like a cantina.  It was Chuck Pressley's vision (Past Vice President) to make the saloon the beginnings of a western town.  And so, here we are three years later at Stagecoach Junction

With the building of Stagecoach Junction, we've enhanced the educational value of a tour through the Carriage Museum by merging the vision of the town with the experience of the children as they study the history of west.

Bart Dickens of Dickens Innovations designed and built the western town facades at the museum, recently named Stagecoach Junction.

Aged wood, 100 year old and square nails were just some of the materials used in the craftsmanship of this unique setting, perfect for the western theme events hosted at the museum


Jedlicka's  Saddlery for the General Store
Dr Kathy McClintock for the painless dentist office
Kris Kallman for the Stagecoach Junction Lawyer
Clay Dickens for the Community West Bank